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The LGBT+ Public Policy Institute is a nonprofit organization whose objective is to promote the design and implementation of public policies and actions that allow the discriminatory barriers in order to guarantee the full exercise of citizenship by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other people who suffer violence and exclusion based on sexual orientation and gender identity or their expression.


We aim to strengthen the real integration of the LGBT + persons in all social areas, betting on their visibility and participation.


For this we develop a work plan aimed at governmental entities (national, provincial, municipal) in all its dimensions (Executives, Legislatures, Judiciary); Business; International organizations and NGO’s.

We focus our actions in the fields of health, education, social protection, labor inclusion and legal protection for LGBT employees.


We have a long-standing team under the Executive Direction of Esteban Paulón, former president of the Argentine LGBT Federation, President of the Executive Committee of the GayLatino Network and, in his role as Undersecretary of Sexual Diversity Policies of the Government of Santa Fe, editor of the LGBTI Public Policy Plan implemented during 2015-2019, including the Joint Inclusion Program for the trans population, in conjunction with the United Nations System in Argentina.


We believe that those societies that promote equality and diversity are societies with more freedom and happiness.

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