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The LGBT+ Public Policy Institute provides services aimed at governmental entities (national, provincial, municipal) in all its dimensions (Executives, Legislatures, Judicial Power); Business; International organizations and NGO’s.


Our teams offer adequate advice and consulting for every need:



  • Training and education of personnel belonging to social, health, educational, management, and citizenship services teams.

  • Design, implementation and monitoring of affirmative actions; Legislative instruments and community work strategies with LGBT + population.



  • Design of processes for the visibility of LGBT + personnel, labor insertion of transgender people and prevention of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression in labor spaces.

  • Certification of inclusive practices for the LGBT + collective, development of participation indicators in the LGBT + Corporate Equality Index.


  • Training in the legal framework of protection of rights of the LGBT + group.

  • Lobbying strategies for the approval of rights protection legislation for the LGBT + population

  • Consulting aimed at including the LGBT + perspective in all the actions of the particular agenda of each organization.



Expert consulting for the design and implementation of programs and actions with special focus on dialogue and joint work between government entities and civil society organizations.

  • International cooperation.

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